Blender Addon: Asset Creation Toolset 2023.1

Ivan Vostrikov
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UPDATE Asset Creation Toolset 2023.1 (Blender 3.6.1 and higher) (20 Aug, 2023):

Full info about update (GitHub)

  • [New] New Export Algorithm for Unity (Fix Flip orientation, Linked Objects Support, Animation Support)
  • [New] Added feature "Origin to Middle Point" from mokalux
  • [New] Added feature "Collection Name -> Obj Name" from Oxicid
  • [New] Added Replacing of invalid characters to "_" in export's name ([#%&{}\<>*?/'\":`|])
  • [New] Added Option "Combine All Meshes" for Export FBX/OBJ by parent/collection
  • [New] Added Custom Export FBX Option "Add Leaf Bones". By default "Add Leaf Bones" option is disabled now.
  • [New] Added Custom Export FBX Option "VC color space". By default VC color space is Linear now.
  • [New] Added Debug Mode for tracking function execution time
  • [Improvement] Clean Up orphan mesh data after export FBX/OBJ or baking palette
  • [Improvement] Compact Preferences
  • [Improvement] Merge Bones Improvements. Added support of multi-mesh rig
  • [Improvement] Changed Version Numbering
  • [Improvement] Update Authors
  • [Improvement] Update "Report a Bug" link

Asset Creation Toolset is Many Tools for Game Asset Creation.

Asset Creation Toolset has following functions:

  • Origin Align Tool
  • Batch Rename UV by UV Index
  • Batch Add UV Layer to Selected Objects with Custom Name
  • Batch Remove UV Layer from Selected Objects by UV Index
  • Set Active UV Layer for Selected Objects in 3D View and Image/UV Editor by UV Index
  • Numbering Objects
  • Batch Export FBX/OBJs to Unity by Object/Parent/Collection
  • Batch Import FBXs/OBJs
  • Create Palette Texture from Colorful Materials. Includes PBR Workflow
  • Transfer Material Base Color to Viewport Color
  • Batch Clear UV Maps/Clear Vertex Color
  • Transfer Object Name To Data Name
  • Batch Clear Custom Normals
  • Flip/Calculate Normals for Selected Objects in Object Mode
  • Delete From Selected Objects Unused Materials
  • Set Origin to Selected in Edit Mode
  • Assign Active Material To Selected Faces in MultiEdit Mode
  • UV Mover Tool for Easier Atlas Packing
  • Add .L or .R suffix to Bones
  • Merge Bones Tool - Delete Bones With Transfer Weight
  • Quick Select Texture from Active material in UV Editor
  • Invert Weight Paint Brush
  • Copy Collection Name to Object Name

Addon Available Free for Blender 3.1+, 2.90+, 2.83+, and 2.79 (Some functions depends from version)

More Info About Addon On YouTube (Playlist, 18 videos)

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Blender Addon: Asset Creation Toolset 2023.1

561 ratings
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