Blender Addon: Texel Density Checker 3.4

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Blender Addon: Texel Density Checker 3.4

Ivan Vostrikov
1225 ratings

with Texel Density Checker you can

  • Calculate Texel Density for model for different texture size (512px - 4096px) or with custom size and aspect ratio
  • Rescale UV for getting texel density what you want
  • Use Interactive Checker Material
  • Copy TD from Active to Selected objects
  • Vizualize Texel Density with Vertex Colors
  • Visualize UV Islands with Random Vertex Colors
  • and more..

Texel Density Checker simple for use. You need select your mesh and texture size and just click button.

Thread on BlenderArtists.org about addon 

Full Description (En)

Full Description (Ru)

Older Versions and Source Code (GitHub)

Texel Density Checker 3.4 (Blender 3.4.1 and Higher) (31 Dec, 2022):

  • [Fix] Blender 3.4 Support
  • [Improvement] Added commentaries for all code

Texel Density Checker 3.3.1 (Blender 2.91 and Higher) (04 Dec, 2021):

  • [Fix] Blender 3.0 Support
  • [Improvement] Closest Interpolation for TD Material's Grid Texture

Texel Density Checker 3.3 (Blender 2.91 and Higher) (05 Nov, 2021):

  • [Fix] Incorrect TD if selected Non-Mesh Objects
  • [Fix] Face Maps are Empty after using "Assign Checker Material"
  • [New][Bake TD to VC] Automatic Min/Max TD Values from Selected Objects
  • [New][Set TD] Presets "Half" and "Double" (works better with Average Set Method)

I hope this addon will be very useful for somebody!

you can pay what you want if you want support to me.

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